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Friday, November 16, 2007

Snowbirds: Is Florida Out?

A Canadian friend e-mailed this link to me today. It's a story from the Toronto Star outlining the apparent reluctance of Canadian Snowbirds to commit to the purchase of Florida real estate now despite the abundance of properties for sale, a big decline in prices and a historic upsurge in the Canadian dollar or "Loonie." Reasons cited were the general negativity of the local professionals and press regarding Florida's real estate market, excessive insurance rates for coastal properties due to the threat of future hurricanes, and an unfair tax structure for non-resident owners of Florida real estate.

This bodes well for Arizona. Unlike Florida, non resident owners of real estate here are not punished at tax time, we have no hurricanes, and hazard insurance rates in Southern Arizona, although climbing, are not anywhere near what Floridians are paying. We also have an abundance of real estate for sale, and prices have dropped to more reasonable levels since 2005. This is a great time to buy, and sellers are more motivated than ever.

And the Sun shines here a lot! (over 300 days a year!)

So to my Canadian friends I say: Take a look at Tucson. Your Loonie goes a long way here. Bring your golf clubs too. Find out what Tiger already knows: Tucson is a great golf city as well.