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Friday, January 25, 2008

Million Dollar Home Tour

Yesterday I spent the greater part of the afternoon touring some of the finest homes offered for sale in the Northeast area of Tucson. Asking prices ranged from $1.4 million to almost $3 million. The homes sizes ranged from about 4400 to 7800 square feet. All but one had 5 bedrooms and at least 4 baths.

Most of these homes are of fairly recent vintage and are fully equipped for comfortable, modern life. A few offer horse facilities, with corrals and barns while others boast unparalleled city views that stretch into Mexico.

The lots for these homes are generous, ranging from 3.3 acres to over 7. Lots of privacy here!

Construction was varied, from rammed earth to stuccoed double adobe to modern frame stucco. Flooring was also eclectic. I saw large format Saltillo, natural stone, gleaming hardwood and polished concrete. There was something for everyone.

Most of these homes have a Southwestern flavor and the styles were typically Santa-Fe with a couple of exceptions. One home that was literally nestled in the arms of the Catalina mountains offered a modern, contemporary style that would be comfortable anywhere in the world, but distinguished itself for the Sunbelt lifestyle with a wrap-around porch where one could follow the Sun and catch 100 mile views.

All of the homes offered outstanding guest facilities, some more elaborate than others. All were of a style visitors would be hard pressed to leave. Typically included was office space, upgraded kitchens, dining areas and multiple bedrooms. One even boasted a screened room for pets and people! These are the guest houses, mind you!

Two of the seven homes that I saw seemed to offer the best value. If you would like to have my opinion regarding the winners on this tour, give me a call or an e-mail and we can talk about finding your place in the Sun.

Here is a link to the properties that I saw.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fed Makes Sharpest Cut Since 1984

In an effort to put some energy into the economy, the federal reserve cut the prime rate by a hefty 3/4% to 3.5%.Who wins and who loses? Here is a link to Yahoo Finance that has one take on the story.