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Monday, March 30, 2009

Ham Radio Antennas

Todays Az Daily Star had an editorial regarding a recent bill being produced in the AZ State legislature that would allow "reasonable accomodation" for ham radio antennas in neighborhoods governed by HOAs. They came out against the bill.

As you know, I am a real estate broker. I am also a ham radio operator.

A few years ago, I represented a ham operator in the purchase of a town house that was regulated by an HOA. We negotiated with the HOA board to allow a small VHF antenna on the home. We provided a reasonable explanation of the hobby, the public safety aspects and included a picture of the antenna and its dimensions.

The board granted, in writing, permission for my client to erect the antenna, so he bought the place.

It is unfortunate that these days, if someone wants to buy a newer home, it is almost inevitable that it will be governed by a HOA. The power that these associations have over people should be regulated.

Rather than some blanket prohibition, which I believe that many HOA boards insist on, there should be "reasonable accommodation" for certain things. Solar power, clothes lines and yes, ham radio antennas. I believe that this bill is a step in the right direction.

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